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    Bio: Frazot Steamcannon

    Name: Frazot Steamcannon

    Nickname/Title: Fraz the Loose Cannon

    Race: Goblin

    Sex: Male

    Age: 23

    Class: Ex-member of the Gob Squad, Thief

    Appearance: A tall Goblin of three and a half feet. He weighs thirty six pounds. His skin is a dark green and his hair jet black in mohawk. His eyes are dark purple. He has a tattoo of a Black Wyrm laying on a large pile of treasure(Intricate!). He often wears goggles tinted purple. His clothing is made of dark leather that is scarred and colored with what looks like explosions and chemical spills.

    Personality/misc. attributes: (This is a jumble of sentences that aren't often connected to one another) A Goblin of extreme skill and cunning, but little wealth. He has had many great plans to over throw Trade Princes of all sort, but every scheme falls through do to his terrible luck. Fraz gambles habitually and on very rare occasion wins(he looses a lot). Fraz is great with his guns; he could hit a rat while traveling on a rocket through the Undermine(Star Wars reference). He owes no loyalties to anyone except Icro Grimblood for reasons explained later. Fraz is a highly intelligent being, from tinkering to alchemy, this Goblin can do it all... Except magic(who needs it, amirite). Stealth? Ya, Fraz does that too. He isn't a very good melee combatant. In combat he often spends his time doing what he can at range while Icro is devastating the front. Generally thought of a fairly nice Goblin (I hate using these, but think Neutral Good, chaotic good, and true neutral as his range). Fraz often is caught wisecracking or in funny situations(like a gnome, but more bad ass, and smarter too =P suck it Gnomes)

    The Steamcannon Mark CM (Roman Numerals 900), the Steamcannon family's namesake. This gun has been handed down from generation to generation... errr stolen, won, gambled for, or built from scratch again I mean(That doesn't make the elder Goblins any less proud however = P). The Steamcannon has not been steam powered for over eight generations. Frazot got his first iteration of the Steamcannon when it was only a Mark XCM (hopefully 890) after he gambled his father for it or his life(Fraz's first won bet). Fraz has made ten modifications to the Steamcannon, from replacing the firing mechanism that his father broke to the lens that is now compatible with his goggles.

    Goggles of Purplely Death(Fraz isn't creative that way) are of Fraz's own dimensions(well... for the most part). First intended to give Fraz sight in the dark, the goggles quickly became a grand project. The current plans include limited X ray specs stolen from a drunk gnome, variable zoom, and dropped copper finder.

    History: (this one will probably be short) Fraz was born to a pair of Undermine goblins who worked ceaselessly for their Trade Prince. Fraz had a normal goblin childhood, he was taught to tinker and concoct potions, treated to explosions as the test subject, gambled for his life with his father, and launched his first hot ticket product "Dehydrated water: 'Just add water!'". After winning the Steamcannon and his life back he applied for a guard position for a Trade Prince. His skill with the rifle was noticed quickly by the Gob Squad's leader Patch (right?) and was quickly recruited for the special forces.

    He made his living as the team's Designated Marksmen, honing his skills while raking in the gold. However his coffers remained dry due to Fraz's horrible gambling habit. The years passed in this order, shoot, kill, profit, eat, gamble, loose, sleep, until the shattering. Fraz hopped aboard a Trade Prince's vessel as it left he island of Kezan before its volcano erupted. Arriving in Kalimdor, Fraz saw a land of opportunity. He promptly resigned from the Gob Squad and made a B line for Orgrimmar, a ripe city full of gold. How wrong he was, Fraz had a rough time selling anything to the Horde. They wouldn't buy the 'automatic axe sharpener', the 'wolf dropping burning fire set', nor the 'infinite strength potion.' In a last ditch effort he tried selling his prized gun to a passing Orc of a brown skin color...

    In his most determined sales pitch ever he followed Icro Grimblood on his (Icro's) and their first adventure. The two have been inseparable since, despite Icro's best efforts.

    As always when I write in long bursts my grammar is often skewed and I love people to pick it out so I can correct it. Comments are always appreciated. I will be making another Thread with Icro's and Fraz's first adventure... as soon as I think of it.
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    Sounds like a hell of a team. It will be exciting to roleplay with them.

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