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    Which superhero could beat all the other super heros?

    if there was a tournament of superheros to find the hero who could be any other hero in a 1v1 battle

    who would it be?

    id say the hulk

    his strength kills and he can jump far as hell!

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    Athene. End of discussion.

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    Batman cause he's got gadjets for all of them. Superman could be his wingman.

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    I could see this thread ending up in a debate between Superman Prime (I think. Basically the one who destroyed a planet just by sneezing) against Supersaiyajin 5 Gogita fanbois or something.

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    Hulk would win. I mean hell, they sent him to another planet because he was too much of a danger to Earth.

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    I saw a debate on this on the old official OT forum. Someone linked this:
    It is the answer you seek. (god i pity the basement dweller that wrote it)

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    Didn't Batman kill superman in one of the universes?

    All in all, they seem to change so much in different universes everything is possible. Bane defeated Batman too, but on the other hand Goku or Superman could probably just instagib Bane too.

    And didn't Superman in some universe basically tear the universe apart by just hitting superhard?

    I mean ...

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    proud participant of the most epic thread ever:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsumoto View Post
    Goku would win.
    Nah... Goku would need to spend two weeks trying to power up and none of the other superheros would give him that long.

    Quote Originally Posted by Salarius View Post
    Batman cause he's got gadjets for all of them. Superman could be his wingman.
    Definitely Batman... he'd find their weaknesses and exploit them.

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    Every hero has it's kryptonite. So long every hero can be defeated, if the other knows the weak point. Some heros are extremly strong but also have extremly dangerous vulnerability (Superman). I don't see Hulk as the best, since you just have to be faster than him or having some sort of range superpower to launch at him. I could see Goku as favourite in matters of strength, stamina, speed and abilities... but alas, there are stronger guys than him he could not beat alone.
    So in my opinion it would come down to heros, that are smart enough or have the ability to negate the strong and exploit the weak points of an enemy.

    To choose one....I would say: The Flash - you just can't hit something that is so damn fast

    - Shiny said, I was the best.

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    you're all naive, Majin Buu would win, remember he is the only villian to actually destroy earth, and screw the super heroes every villain is a hero in my book.

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    because Deadpool

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    Dr. Manhattan .

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    kakaroto... he would beat all of the superheroes together.

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    Phoenix because if she loses control, she will transform to Dark Phoenix and pretty much tear apart the solar system.

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    Frying pan man.

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    Wolverine, he can't die.

    By that same thought Deadpool, but Wolverine is indestructible :P
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    Ling ling > All others

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