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by Published on 2010-11-09 05:15 PM

Pet Store Sneak Peek - Lil'Ragnaros and Moonkin Hatchling
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
They’re cute, they’re portable, and they’re coming to the Blizzard Pet Store. But before they arrive, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of our two newest companions: Lil' Ragnaros and the Moonkin Hatchling. As announced at BlizzCon, the Moonkin Hatchling will follow in the charitable footsteps of the Pandaren Monk, with sales helping to benefit a good cause. More details, including the availability date and specific plans for the charity partnership, will be announced in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!

by Published on 2010-11-09 11:22 AM

Alchemy in Cataclysm
It's time for another profession preview, and Alchemy is a very interesting one because of all the love the profession got in Cataclysm!

Flying Mount
You know you want it! The super awesome Vial of the Sands will transform you into a dragon, and allow you to carry an ally on your back!

Vial of the SandsTransforms you into a Sandstone Drake, allowing you to fly very fast and carry an ally on your back.

Alchemist Stone
The epic Alchemist Stone is back and Mastery rating makes your life considerably easier, no matter what your class is, you will probably want that trinket!

Flasks are fairly simple in Cataclysm, your only choice is a +300 stat boost in one stat and the addition of Cauldron of Battle and Big Cauldron of Battle will make your life even more easier in raids.

Flask of SteelskinIncreases Stamina by 300 for 1 hour. Counts as both a Battle and Guardian elixir. This effect persists through death.
Flask of the Draconic MindIncreases Intellect by 300 for 1 hour. Counts as both a Battle and Guardian elixir. This effect persists through death.
Flask of the WindsIncreases Agility by 300 for 1 hour. Counts as both a Battle and Guardian elixir. This effect persists through death.
Flask of Titanic StrengthIncreases Strength by 300 for 1 hour. Counts as both a Battle and Guardian elixir. This effect persists through death.
Flask of Flowing WaterIncreases Spirit by 300 for 1 hour. Counts as both a Battle and Guardian elixir. This effect persists through death.
Flask of EnhancementIncreases your Agility, Strength, or Intellect by 80 for 1 hour. Your highest stat is always chosen. Counts as both a Battle and Guardian elixir. Effect persists through death.
Cauldron of BattleCreates a cauldron that raid members can use to gain the benefit of a flask appropriate to their class and talents. Cauldron has 7 uses and lasts for 5 min.
Big Cauldron of BattleCreates a cauldron that raid members can use to gain the benefit of a flask appropriate to their class and talents. Cauldron has 17 uses and lasts for 5 min.

A few interesting changes were made to Transmutations in Cataclysm.

  • There's only one type of Meta Gem now, and it's now created with Uncommon quality gems.
  • You can create Rare gems by crafting herbs + Uncommon gems.
  • Volatile Life can be randomly transmuted into any other kind of Volatile element.

Transmute: Living ElementsTransforms the essence of life into another element. The exact result is not known ahead of time.
Transmute: Shadowspirit DiamondTransmute several lesser gems into a beautiful shadowspirit diamond.
Transmute: TruegoldTransmutes pyrium bars into truegold.
Transmute: Pyrium BarTransmutes elementium and volatile earth into a pyrium bar.
Transmute: Inferno RubyTransmutes lesser red gems and the essence of the heartblossom to create an inferno ruby.
Transmute: Ocean SapphireTransmutes lesser blue gems and the oils from Azshara's Veil to create an ocean sapphire.
Transmute: AmberjewelTransmutes lesser yellow gems and the timeless essense of whiptail to create an amberjewel.
Transmute: DemonseyeTransmutes lesser purple gems and the magical essense of twilight jasmine to create a demonseye.
Transmute: Ember TopazTransmutes lesser orange gems and the fiery essense of cinderbloom to create an ember topaz.
Transmute: Dream EmeraldTransmutes lesser green gems and the electrical currents of stormvine to create a dream emerald.

The regular stats, healing, and mana potions are here but you also get a couple of fun/utility potions that you might be able to sell for a good price.

Potion of Treasure FindingAllows you to sometimes find extra treasure from monsters in Mount Hyjal, Vash'jir, Deepholm, Twilight Highlands and Uldum. Lasts 1 hour. Effect persists through death.
Potion of IllusionTransforms the imbiber to look like someone else.
Deathblood VenomFills your veins with deadly poison, causing you to sometimes poison enemies that strike you in melee for 1900 to 2100 damage over 8 sec.
Potion of DeepholmTeleports the imbiber to Deephome.
Ghost ElixirIncreases Spirit by 225 for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.
Elixir of the NagaIncreases expertise rating by 225 for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.
Elixir of the CobraIncreases critical strike rating by 225 for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.
Elixir of Mighty SpeedIncreases haste rating by 225 for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.
Elixir of Impossible AccuracyIncreases your hit rating by 225 for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.
Elixir of the MasterIncreases your mastery rating by 225 for 1 hour. Battle Elixir.
Elixir of Deep EarthIncreases armor by 900 for 1 hour. Guardian Elixir.
Prismatic ElixirIncreases resistance to magic by 90 for 1 hour. Guardian Elixir.
Volcanic PotionIncreases spell power by 1200 for 25 sec.
Potion of the Tol'virIncreases your Agility by 1200 for 25 sec.
Golemblood PotionIncreases your Strength by 1200 for 25 sec.
Earthen PotionIncreases armor by 4800 for 25 sec.
Potion of ConcentrationPuts the imbiber in an elevated state of concentration where they can restore up to 22000 mana over 10 sec, but they are defenseless until their concentration is broken.
Mysterious PotionRestores 1 to 15000 health and 1 to 15000 mana.
Mythical Healing PotionRestores 7500 to 12500 health.
Mythical Mana PotionRestores 9250 to 10750 mana.
Mighty Rejuvenation PotionRestores 7200 to 8800 mana and health.
Deepstone OilMay cause stiffness.

The Elemental Invasion
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
After the appearance of Twilight's Hammer agents in Orgrimmar and Stormwind City, Azeroth's defenders swiftly thwarted the cult's bid to destroy the two capitals. Yet these victories have done little to soothe fears over Azeroth's calamitous state. Earthquakes continue shaking the world with greater frequency than ever before. Wayward fire spirits have engulfed Orgrimmar, threatening to reduce the proud Horde capital to ash. Across the Great Sea, a sudden influx of earth spirits has rocked the foundations of Ironforge, pushing the once-indomitable dwarven bastion to the brink of collapse.

Even so, a glimmer of hope has come in the form of ancient tablets recovered in Northrend. These mysterious artifacts are believed to hold clues concerning Azeroth's tormented elementals -- a claim that can only be validated once the artifacts are delivered safely from the northern continent. The gifted shaman Thrall has also begun his own efforts to shed light on the disasters befalling the world. Of great concern, however, is whether anything will be left of Orgrimmar and Ironforge by the time answers are found....

The events leading up to Cataclysm are underway, and the disturbances will only become more severe as the weeks pass. Pay close attention to your faction leaders, Thrall and Varian, and be on the lookout for unfamiliar faces gathering on the city streets. This one-time-only series of events features all-new quests and multiple stages of dire happenings, so stay vigilant!

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Optimized Talent Builds
You are missing the point of that quote. It is not "players shouldn't have choices," as many of you are inferring. It's that "there should be more thought on the part of the designers for how various abilities are supposed to be used and those roles should be more apparent to players."

There has never really been a time in the game when you could just do whatever you wanted with your class and be equally effective. Then, as now, smart players doing a lot of homework would figure out the most optimized way to play. You can choose to follow their recommendations, try to find an even more optimized way to play, or just do your own thing because that's more enjoyable for you, knowing that you may pay the price of being less optimized.

[...] That was my point in my post above though. That sense of exploration and discovery you are missing wasn't lost as a result of anything we did. You could make an excellent or terrible talent tree before and you can still do so now. What changed is that the community became a lot more sophisticated, which isn't that surprising in a game that's 6-years old now. These days there are numerous fansites, simulators, videos, mods and other tools, all created by the community, to optimize your gameplay. There have always been some, but there are more today, they are more sophisticated, and more players know about them. (Source)

"Creative use of game mechanics
I don't disagree with that. We don't like to reflexively stomp out on creative use of game mechanics just because they were unexpected. (This is particularly true of encounters, where we will generally just accept if players come up with strategies we didn't anticipate, so long as they don't trivialize the intended challenge.)

It comes down to whether we think the playstyle violates what we are trying to do with the class.

Imagine there was a rogue build that centered around only using Deadly Throw and Fan of Knives to make an effective ranged dps class. Imagine this rotation was generally accepted to do 5% more dps than the traditional melee rogue. That's the kind of thing we would likely break. That's not because we're mean jerks. It's because we think the game might break down: rogue itemization would be in a weird place, encounters might not work with so many characters at range, most importantly those players who enjoy playing rogues because of the iconic lightly-armored melee fighter are now encouraged to play something completely different that they might not enjoy.

There are no hard and fast rules on this sort of thing. It's all judgement calls on the part of the designers. (Source)

Rotations complexity
I agree with that too. We set out to make the Feral and Protection paladin rotations more complex in Cataclysm. I know that some of you feel that isn't the case, but we'll just have to agree to disagree about that. Both specs now have some opportunities to screw up, which in turn makes players who pull off the rotation with finesse better tanks and worthy of the accolades they receive, rather than just being lucky that they picked the right class. (Source)

Death Knight (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
Diseaseless Blood
In the case of "diseaseless Blood," we don't have a problem if tanks choose to sacrifice some of their threat generation for a simpler rotation or other benefits. It doesn't bother us unless ignoring diseases becomes the only reasonable way to play (and with Outbreak available in Cataclysm, applying diseases is even easier). When dps specs were ignoring diseases, we made changes, because the whole DK rotation was based on applying diseases. That's true to a much lesser extent for tanks, but we try to have pretty simple rotation for tanks anyway because they have a lot of other things to worry about and are often having to deal with very dynamic situations compared to what a PvE dps DK might be doing. (Source)

Dark Legacy Comic #263 and Teh Gladiators #182 + #183 are out!

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Elemental Invasion - Part 2 on live servers!
The 2nd part of the Elemental Invasion just went live! I'm still investigating but it looks like we only have 2 extra quests for the moment, don't hesitate to post in comments if you find anything else!

Subduing the Elements

Tablets of Earth/Fire
  • Go to the quest location on your map (Stormwind Harbor for Alliance, Zeppelin Tower for Horde), you will see the Courier and a Mysterious Crystal.
  • You have to click the Mysterious Crystal to defend the courier against the Twilight Seeker. 3 New abilities will appear in your action bar, use them to defeat the elementals spawning from the portals.
  • When the Twilight Seeker flies away, just loot the tablets on the ground and bring them back.

Icon Name Description
Shockwave Destroys Earthen Servants. 20 yd range. Instant.
Flame Jet Destroys Watery Servants. 20 yd range. Instant.
Tidal Wave Destroys Blazing Servants. 20 yd range. Instant.

Part 2 - Alliance Quests

Name Objective
Tablets of the EarthBring the Tablets of Earth to Advisor Belgrum in Ironforge.
What's Shaking in IronforgeSpeak with Stormcaller Mylra in Ironforge.
Subduing the ElementsGavan Grayfeather wants you to use the elemental sapta and cleansing totem from the Earthen Ring supplies to subdue 20 Agitated Earth Spirits.

Part 2 - Horde Quests

Name Objective
Tablets of FireBring the Tablets of Fire to Earthmender Norsala in Orgrimmar.
Subduing the ElementsSeer Bahura wants you to use the elemental sapta and cleansing totem from the Earthen Ring supplies to subdue 20 Agitated Fire Spirits.
by Published on 2010-11-07 05:49 PM

Enchanting in Cataclysm Preview
It's time for a short preview of what to expect from Enchanting in Cataclysm!

1. Weapon Enchantments
Most of the weapon enchantments in Cataclysm are procs, Mighty Agility being the only passive stat boost. Also, some of them have very impressive visual effects.

Slot Enchant Description
2H WeaponMighty AgilityPermanently enchant a two-handed weapon to increase Agility by 130.
WeaponAvalanchePermanently enchant a weapon to often deal 463 to 537 Nature damage to an enemy struck by your melee attacks.
WeaponElemental SlayerPermanently enchant a melee weapon to sometimes disrupt elementals when struck by your melee attacks, dealing Arcane damage and silencing them for 5 sec.
WeaponHeartsongPermanently enchant a weapon to sometimes increase Spirit by 200 for 15 sec when casting spells.
WeaponHurricanePermanently enchant a melee weapon to sometimes increase haste rating by 450 for 12 sec when casting spells or dealing melee damage.
WeaponLandslidePermanently enchant a weapon to sometimes increase attack power by 1000 for 12 sec when striking in melee.
WeaponMendingPermanently enchant a weapon to sometimes heal you when damaging an enemy with spells and melee attacks.
WeaponPower TorrentPermanently enchant a weapon to sometimes increase Intellect by 500 for 12 sec when dealing damage or healing with spells.
WeaponWindwalkPermanently enchant a weapon to sometimes increase dodge rating by 600 and movement speed by 15% for 10 sec when striking in melee.

2. Armor Enchantments
Nothing really new on that side, but I'm sure most of you would be happy to have a list of armor enchants in Cataclysm.

Slot Enchant Description
BootAssassin's StepPermanently enchant boots to increase movement speed slightly and Agility by 25.
BootEarthen VitalityPermanently enchant boots to increase movement speed slightly and Stamina by 30.
BootHastePermanently enchant boots to increase haste rating by 50.
BootLavawalkerPermanently enchant boots to increase movement speed slightly and mastery rating by 35.
BootMajor AgilityPermanently enchant boots to increase Agility by 35.
BootMasteryPermanently enchant boots to increase mastery rating by 50.
BootPrecisionPermanently enchant boots to increase hit rating by 50.
BracerCritical StrikePermanently enchant bracers to increase critical strike rating by 50.
BracerDodgePermanently enchant bracers to increase dodge rating by 50.
BracerExceptional SpiritPermanently enchant bracers to increase Spirit by 50.
BracerGreater Critical StrikePermanently enchant bracers to increase critical strike rating by 65.
BracerGreater ExpertisePermanently enchant bracers to increase expertise rating by 50.
BracerGreater SpeedPermanently enchant bracers to increase haste rating by 65.
BracerPrecisionPermanently enchant bracers to increase hit rating by 50.
BracerSpeedPermanently enchant bracers to increase haste rating by 50.
ChestExceptional SpiritPermanently enchant a chest to increase Spirit by 40.
ChestGreater StaminaPermanently enchant a chest to increase Stamina by 75.
ChestMighty ResiliencePermanently enchant chest armor to increase resilience rating by 40.
ChestMighty StatsPermanently enchant chest armor to increase all stats by 15.
ChestPeerless StatsPermanently enchant chest armor to increase all stats by 20.
ChestStaminaPermanently enchant chest armor to increase Stamina by 55.
CloakCritical StrikePermanently enchant a cloak to increase critical strike rating by 50.
CloakGreater Critical StrikePermanently enchant a cloak to increase critical strike rating by 65.
CloakGreater IntellectPermanently enchant a cloak to increase Intellect by 50.
CloakGreater Spell PiercingPermanently enchant a cloak to increase spell penetration by 70.
CloakIntellectPermanently enchant a cloak to increase Intellect by 30.
CloakProtectionPermanently enchant a cloak to increase armor by 250.
GlovesExceptional StrengthPermanently enchant gloves to increase Strength by 35.
GlovesGreater ExpertisePermanently enchant gloves to increase expertise rating by 50.
GlovesGreater MasteryPermanently enchant gloves to increase mastery rating by 65.
GlovesHastePermanently enchant gloves to increase haste rating by 50.
GlovesMasteryPermanently enchant gloves to increase mastery rating by 50.
GlovesMighty StrengthPermanently enchant gloves to increase Strength by 50.
Off-HandSuperior IntellectPermanently enchant a shield or held item to increase Intellect by 100.
ShieldBlockingPermanently enchant a shield to increase block rating by 40.
ShieldProtectionPermanently enchant a shield to increase armor by 160.

3. Ring Enchantments
Enchanters still have their ring enchantments, they require 475 enchanting skill.

Slot Enchant Description
RingAgilityPermanently enchant your own ring to increase Agility by 40. Enchanting your ring causes it to become soulbound and requires 475 Enchanting skill to remain active.
RingGreater StaminaPermanently enchant your own ring to increase Stamina by 60. Enchanting your ring causes it to become soulbound and requires 475 Enchanting skill to remain active.
RingIntellectPermanently enchant your own ring to increase Intellect by 40. Enchanting your ring causes it to become soulbound and requires 475 Enchanting skill to remain active.
RingStrengthPermanently enchant your own ring to increase Strength by 40. Enchanting your ring causes it to become soulbound and requires 475 Enchanting skill to remain active.

4. Companion Pets
Enchanters get their own craftable pet! The Enchanted Lantern will be available for Horde Players and the Magic Lamp for Alliance.

Cataclysm World Drops Preview
Yesterday's raid loot preview had a couple of Bind on Equip items, here is the list of the BOE World Drops currently implemented in the beta.

Cataclysm Zones Update - Blasted Lands, Dun Morogh, Westfall
Another update to zones pages, this time Blasted Lands, Dun Morogh, and Westfall got their updated beta screenshots!

The MMO Report
It's time for this week's MMO Report!

by Published on 2010-11-06 05:02 PM

Reminder - MLG Dallas is this week-end! No WoW this time, but the Starcraft 2 tournaments and the other games are always nice!

Cataclysm - Heroic Raid Loot List
Recent datamining yielded interesting results, and we now have a pretty much complete list of heroic raid loot! This is the list of the most powerful items you will get in the first tier of raid in Cataclysm, including the loot table of the Heroic only Lady Sinestra in the Bastion of Twilight.

Armor models aren't implemented yet (pretty please, Blizzard?) but all weapons should have screenshots.

Lady Sinestra Loot Table (Heroic Only)

Level Type Spec Slot Name
379PlateMeleeWristBracers of the Mat'redor
379PlateSpell SpiritWristBindings of Bleak Betrayal
379PlateTankFeetWar-Torn Crushers
379MailPhysical DPSLegsTwilight Scale Leggings
379MailSpell SpiritFeetBoots of Az'galada
379LeatherPhysical DPSWaistBelt of the Fallen Brood
379LeatherSpell SpiritFeetNightmare Rider's Boots
379ClothSpell DPSHeadCrown of the Twilight Queen
379ClothSpell SpiritWristBracers of the Dark Mother
379FingerMeleeFingerDargonax's Signet
379NeckTankNeckCaelestrasz's Will
379TrinketSpellTrinketShard of Woe
379BackSpell DPSBackShroud of Endless Grief

Cataclysm Heroic Raid Loot

Level Type Spec Slot Name
372AxeMeleeTwo-HandShalug'doom, the Axe of Unmaking
372AxePhysical DPSOne-HandCrul'korak, the Lightning's Arc
372BowPhysical DPSRangedThemios the Darkbringer
372CrossbowPhysical DPSRangedDragonheart Piercer
372DaggerMeleeOne-HandOrganic Lifeform Inverter
372DaggerSpell DPSMain HandBlade of the Witching Hour
372DaggerSpell DPSMain HandIncineratus
372Fist Weap.Physical DPSMain HandClaws of Torment
372GunTankRangedCrossfire Carbine
372MaceMeleeTwo-HandAkirus the Worm-Breaker
372MaceSpell DPSMain HandTwilight's Hammer
372MaceSpell SpiritMain HandAndoros, Fist of the Dragon King
372MaceTankOne-HandMace of Acrid Death
372Off-HandMeleeOff-HandClaws of Agony
372Off-HandPhysical DPSOff-HandMaimgor's Bite
372Off-HandSpell DPSOff-HandBook of Binding Will
372Off-HandSpell SpiritOff-HandScepter of Ice
372StaffPhysical DPSTwo-HandMalevolence
372StaffSpell SpiritTwo-HandChelley's Staff of Dark Mending
372SwordRandomMain HandStormwake the Tempest's Reach
372SwordRandom SpellMain HandStormwake the Tempest's Reach
372SwordMeleeOne-HandLava Spine
372SwordMeleeOne-HandSoul Blade
372SwordMeleeTwo-HandReclaimed Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood
372SwordPhysical DPSOne-HandFang of Twilight
372SwordSpell DPSMain HandMaldo's Sword Cane
372WandSpell DPSRangedTheresa's Booklight
372WandSpell SpiritRangedFinkle's Mixer Upper
372ShieldSpell SpiritOff HandKingdom's Heart
372ShieldTankOff HandAkmin-Kurai, Dominion's Shield
372PlateRandom MeleeLegsSky Strider Greaves
372PlateRandom MeleeWaistSky Strider Belt
372PlateRandom HealingLegsTempest Keeper Leggings
372PlateRandom HealingWaistTempest Keeper Belt
372PlateRandom TankLegsThunder Wall Greaves
372PlateRandom TankWaistThunder Wall Belt
372PlateMeleeChestBattleplate of Ancient Kings
372PlateMeleeFeetMassacre Treads
372PlateMeleeFeetTreads of Savage Beatings
372PlateMeleeHandsGravitational Pull
372PlateMeleeHandsPlated Fists of Provocation
372PlateMeleeHeadDragon Bone Warhelm
372PlateMeleeHeadHelm of Maddening Whispers
372PlateMeleeLegsTerrastra's Legguards
372PlateMeleeShoulderPauldrons of the Great Ettin
372PlateMeleeWaistBelt of Absolute Zero
372PlateMeleeWristElectron Inductor Coils
372PlateSpell SpiritChestBreastplate of Avenging Flame
372PlateSpell SpiritFeetLife Force Chargers
372PlateSpell SpiritHandsFlash Freeze Gauntlets
372PlateSpell SpiritHeadGlaciated Helm
372PlateSpell SpiritLegsLegguards of the Emerald Brood
372PlateSpell SpiritShoulderBurden of Mortality
372PlateSpell SpiritWaistBelt of the Blackhand
372PlateSpell SpiritWaistCorehammer's Riveted Girdle
372PlateSpell SpiritWristShackles of the End of Days
372PlateTankChestBattleplate of the Apocalypse
372PlateTankFeetMolten Tantrum Boots
372PlateTankHeadDaybreaker Helm
372PlateTankLegsLegguards of the Unseeing
372PlateTankShoulderHeaving Plates of Protection
372PlateTankShoulderPauldrons of the Apocalypse
372PlateTankWaistJumbotron Power Belt
372PlateTankWristBracers of Impossible Strength
372MailRandom SpellLegsLightning Well Legguards
372MailRandom SpellWaistLightning Well Belt
372MailRandom Phys.DPSLegsStar Chaser Legguards
372MailRandom Phys.DPSWaistStar Chaser Belt
372MailPhysical DPSChestTunic of Failed Experiments
372MailPhysical DPSChestVoltage Source Chestguard
372MailPhysical DPSFeetBoots of Vertigo
372MailPhysical DPSHandsProto-Handler's Gauntlets
372MailPhysical DPSHeadArion's Crown
372MailPhysical DPSLegsLeggings of Lethal Force
372MailPhysical DPSShoulderSpaulders of the Scarred Lady
372MailPhysical DPSWaistCoil of Ten-Thousand Screams
372MailPhysical DPSWristChimaron Armguards
372MailSpell SpiritChestCircuit Design Breastplate
372MailSpell SpiritFeetTreads of Flawless Creation
372MailSpell SpiritHandsGloves of Cacophony
372MailSpell SpiritHeadHelm of the Nether Scion
372MailSpell SpiritLegsKilt of the Forgotten Battle
372MailSpell SpiritLegsPhase-Twister Leggings
372MailSpell SpiritShoulderFeludius' Mantle
372MailSpell SpiritWaistLifecycle Waistguard
372MailSpell SpiritWaistWaistguard of Hatred
372MailSpell SpiritWristChaos Beast Bracers
372LeatherRandom Phys.DPSLegsWind Stalker Leggings
372LeatherRandom Phys.DPSWaistWind Stalker Belt
372LeatherRandom SpellLegsGale Rouser Leggings
372LeatherRandom SpellWaistGale Rouser Belt
372LeatherMeleeHandsDouble Attack Handguards
372LeatherMeleeHeadMembrane of C'Thun
372LeatherPhysical DPSChestSark of the Unwatched
372LeatherPhysical DPSFeetStorm Rider's Boots
372LeatherPhysical DPSLegsAberration's Leggings
372LeatherPhysical DPSShoulderPoison Protocol Pauldrons
372LeatherPhysical DPSWaistDispersing Belt
372LeatherPhysical DPSWristParasitic Bands
372LeatherSpell SpiritChestScorched Wormling Vest
372LeatherSpell SpiritFeetTreads of Hideous Transformation
372LeatherSpell SpiritHandsHydrolance Gloves
372LeatherSpell SpiritHeadHelm of the Blind Seer
372LeatherSpell SpiritLegsLeggings of Consuming Flames
372LeatherSpell SpiritShoulderHide of Chromaggus
372LeatherSpell SpiritShoulderPassive Resistor Spaulders
372LeatherSpell SpiritWaistBelt of the Nightmare
372LeatherSpell SpiritWristManacles of the Sleeping Beast
372ClothRandom SpellLegsSoul Breath Leggings
372ClothRandom SpellWaistSoul Breath Belt
372ClothSpell DPSChestShadowblaze Robes
372ClothSpell DPSFeetEinhorn's Galoshes
372ClothSpell DPSHandsHands of the Twilight Council
372ClothSpell DPSHeadPower Generator Hood
372ClothSpell DPSLegsFlame Pillar Leggings
372ClothSpell DPSShoulderMantle of Roaring Flames
372ClothSpell DPSWaistBelt of Arcane Storms
372ClothSpell DPSWristBracers of the Bronze Flight
372ClothSpell DPSWristBracers of the Dark Pool
372ClothSpell SpiritChestRobes of the Burning Acolyte
372ClothSpell SpiritChestShadowforge's Lightbound Smock
372ClothSpell SpiritFeetTreads of Liquid Ice
372ClothSpell SpiritHandsBrackish Gloves
372ClothSpell SpiritHeadCrown of Burning Waters
372ClothSpell SpiritHeadHelm of Eldritch Authority
372ClothSpell SpiritLegsLegwraps of the Greatest Son
372ClothSpell SpiritShoulderMantle of Nefarius
372ClothSpell SpiritWaistX-Tron Duct Tape
372ClothSpell SpiritWristBracers of the Burningeye
372FingerRandomFingerCloudburst Ring
372FingerRandomFingerMistral Circle
372FingerRandomFingerPermafrost Signet
372FingerRandomFingerPlanetary Band
372FingerMeleeFingerRing of Rivalry
372FingerPhysical DPSFingerLightning Conductor Band
372FingerSpell DPSFingerSignet of the Fifth Circle
372FingerSpell SpiritFingerSecurity Measure Alpha
372FingerTankFingerBile-O-Tron Nut
372NeckMeleeNeckRage of Ages
372NeckPhysical DPSNeckNecklace of Strife
372NeckSpell DPSNeckValiona's Medallion
372NeckSpell SpiritNeckWyrmbreaker's Amulet
372NeckTankNeckIronstar Amulet
372TrinketHealingTrinketJar of Ancient Remedies
372TrinketHealingTrinketFall of Mortality
372TrinketMeleeTrinketCrushing Weight
372TrinketMeleeTrinketHeart of Rage
372TrinketMeleeTrinketDONTUSEFury of Angerforge
372TrinketPhysical DPSTrinketDONTUSEUnheeded Warning
372TrinketPhysical DPSTrinketEssence of the Cyclone
372TrinketPhysical DPSTrinketPrestor's Talisman of Machination
372TrinketSpell DPSTrinketBell of Enraging Resonance
372TrinketSpell DPSTrinketHeart of Ignacious
372TrinketSpell DPSTrinketTheralion's Mirror
372TrinketTankTrinketSymbiotic Worm
372TrinketTankTrinketVial of Stolen Memories
372BackMeleeBackGlittering Epidermis
372BackPhysical DPSBackCloak of Biting Chill
372BackSpell DPSBackShadow of Dread
372BackSpell SpiritBackDrape of the Twins
372BackTankBackIronstar's Impenetrable Cover

Cataclysm Heroic Raid Loot - Tier 11

Level Type Spec Slot Name
372PlateMeleeChest Magma Plated Battleplate
372PlateMeleeHands Magma Plated Gauntlets
372PlateMeleeHead Magma Plated Helmet
372PlateMeleeLegs Magma Plated Legplates
372PlateMeleeShoulder Magma Plated Pauldrons
372PlateMeleeChest Reinforced Sapphirium Battleplate
372PlateMeleeHands Reinforced Sapphirium Gauntlets
372PlateMeleeHead Reinforced Sapphirium Helmet
372PlateMeleeLegs Reinforced Sapphirium Legplates
372PlateMeleeShoulder Reinforced Sapphirium Pauldrons
372PlateMeleeChest Earthen Battleplate
372PlateMeleeHands Earthen Gauntlets
372PlateMeleeHead Earthen Helmet
372PlateMeleeLegs Earthen Legplates
372PlateMeleeShoulder Earthen Pauldrons
372PlateSpell SpiritChest Reinforced Sapphirium Breastplate
372PlateSpell SpiritHands Reinforced Sapphirium Gloves
372PlateSpell SpiritHead Reinforced Sapphirium Headguard
372PlateSpell SpiritLegs Reinforced Sapphirium Greaves
372PlateSpell SpiritShoulder Reinforced Sapphirium Mantle
372PlateTankChest Magma Plated Chestguard
372PlateTankHands Magma Plated Handguards
372PlateTankHead Magma Plated Faceguard
372PlateTankLegs Magma Plated Legguards
372PlateTankShoulder Magma Plated Shoulderguards
372PlateTankChest Reinforced Sapphirium Chestguard
372PlateTankHands Reinforced Sapphirium Handguards
372PlateTankHead Reinforced Sapphirium Faceguard
372PlateTankLegs Reinforced Sapphirium Legguards
372PlateTankShoulder Reinforced Sapphirium Shoulderguards
372PlateTankChest Earthen Chestguard
372PlateTankHands Earthen Handguards
372PlateTankHead Earthen Faceguard
372PlateTankLegs Earthen Legguards
372PlateTankShoulder Earthen Shoulderguards
372MailPhysical DPSChest Lightning-Charged Tunic
372MailPhysical DPSHands Lightning-Charged Gloves
372MailPhysical DPSHead Lightning-Charged Headguard
372MailPhysical DPSLegs Lightning-Charged Legguards
372MailPhysical DPSShoulder Lightning-Charged Spaulders
372MailPhysical DPSChest Cuirass of the Raging Elements
372MailPhysical DPSHands Grips of the Raging Elements
372MailPhysical DPSHead Helmet of the Raging Elements
372MailPhysical DPSLegs Legguards of the Raging Elements
372MailPhysical DPSShoulder Spaulders of the Raging Elements
372MailSpell DPSChest Hauberk of the Raging Elements
372MailSpell DPSChest Tunic of the Raging Elements
372MailSpell DPSHands Gloves of the Raging Elements
372MailSpell DPSHead Headpiece of the Raging Elements
372MailSpell DPSShoulder Shoulderwraps of the Raging Elements
372MailSpell SpiritHands Handwraps of the Raging Elements
372MailSpell SpiritHead Faceguard of the Raging Elements
372MailSpell SpiritLegs Kilt of the Raging Elements
372MailSpell SpiritLegs Legwraps of the Raging Elements
372MailSpell SpiritShoulder Mantle of the Raging Elements
372LeatherMeleeChest Stormrider's Raiment
372LeatherPhysical DPSHands Stormrider's Grips
372LeatherPhysical DPSHead Stormrider's Headpiece
372LeatherPhysical DPSLegs Stormrider's Legguards
372LeatherPhysical DPSShoulder Stormrider's Spaulders
372LeatherMeleeChest Wind Dancer's Tunic
372LeatherPhysical DPSHands Wind Dancer's Gloves
372LeatherPhysical DPSHead Wind Dancer's Helmet
372LeatherPhysical DPSLegs Wind Dancer's Legguards
372LeatherPhysical DPSShoulder Wind Dancer's Spaulders
372LeatherSpell DPSChest Stormrider's Robes
372LeatherSpell DPSChest Stormrider's Vestment
372LeatherSpell DPSHands Stormrider's Gloves
372LeatherSpell DPSHead Stormrider's Cover
372LeatherSpell DPSShoulder Stormrider's Shoulderwraps
372LeatherSpell SpiritHands Stormrider's Handwraps
372LeatherSpell SpiritHead Stormrider's Helm
372LeatherSpell SpiritLegs Stormrider's Leggings
372LeatherSpell SpiritLegs Stormrider's Legwraps
372LeatherSpell SpiritShoulder Stormrider's Mantle
372ClothSpell DPSChest Firelord's Robes
372ClothSpell DPSHands Firelord's Gloves
372ClothSpell DPSHead Firelord's Hood
372ClothSpell DPSLegs Firelord's Leggings
372ClothSpell DPSShoulder Firelord's Mantle
372ClothSpell DPSChest Mercurial Vestment
372ClothSpell DPSHands Mercurial Gloves
372ClothSpell DPSHead Mercurial Hood
372ClothSpell SpiritChest Mercurial Robes
372ClothSpell SpiritHands Mercurial Handwraps
372ClothSpell DPSChest Shadowflame Robes
372ClothSpell DPSHands Shadowflame Handwraps
372ClothSpell DPSHead Shadowflame Hood
372ClothSpell DPSLegs Shadowflame Leggings
372ClothSpell DPSShoulder Shadowflame Mantle
372ClothSpell SpiritHead Mercurial Cowl
372ClothSpell SpiritLegs Mercurial Leggings
372ClothSpell SpiritLegs Mercurial Legwraps
372ClothSpell SpiritShoulder Mercurial Mantle
372ClothSpell SpiritShoulder Mercurial Shoulderwraps
by Published on 2010-11-05 06:37 PM

The new version of MMO-Champion is live!
It's been a long time since the last major change on the site, the current theme is now 3 years old and it's time to replace it with something a little nicer and a lot more useful! The new website has a couple of interesting additions that should make your life easier.

  • A feed of the latest Blue Posts is finally available on the front page!
  • The left menu is gone, news posts can now use the full width of the page. It will allow me to post more information when I have to use tables, lot of pictures, etc ...
  • Patch menus have been moved to the top right of the site.
  • The forums are much, much, much, much better. You can now go through a couple of posts
  • Overall, the site is much nicer and is a lot more polished than the previous theme.

Now that the Blue Tracker is integrated to the website, we also updated it to match the new theme and added a couple of features.

  • Support of forums in the future, we shouldn't have any downtime when the new WoW site is launched.
  • Support of Spanish and French language.
  • Addition of boxes with Recent News and Recent Forum posts from MMO-Champion.
  • Cleaned up categories, you can now click the name of a Blue Poster for his post history, etc ...

Feel free to post any comment, bug report, or anything useful in comments!

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