World of Warcraft 5.0 - Panda Mania!
In the latest Patch 4.1 PTR Build, two new halloween masks textures have been added to the game files:

  • Helm_MaskHalloween_PaF.blp
  • Helm_MaskHalloween_PaM.blp

They seem to be early-alpha texture but according to what happened with the datamining/leak of the Cataclysm races 2 years ago, it looks like Pandarens will be the race of the next expansion! The name of texture for any piece of headset always ends with the first 2 character of the name of the race (Pa) and the gender (M/F), according to how the textures look it's really easy to conclude what the new race is.

More datamining reveals that the expansion is apparently named Panda Mania! and also uncovered a possible trailer ....

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  1. Keosen's Avatar
    I wish it was true ^^
  1. Katoamaton's Avatar
    Oh. My. God. You people actually whine about an april fools joke? This community has seriously hit the new low.

    Awesome video!
  1. blaqkmagick's Avatar
    I saw this at 2:30 in the morning and totally forgot what day it was...
  1. kel's Avatar
    meh wasnt the best was still ok tho
  1. Stikpillen's Avatar
    Nice April fool... But really cool they got Jack Black to voice-over the Pandaren!
  1. Caerdwyn's Avatar
    Only one?! Don't they normally do three. Or is this Bibi's own little idea? I haven't read any of the comments here, but as soon as I saw the news post I remembered what date it is today. I assume - and it's just a wild guess here - but I assume that the first few responses were... somewhat emotional? Let me check after I post this.

    Going in blind!
  1. Arrowstormen's Avatar
    the question is, is it Bibis Joke, or Blizzard joke?
    i guess this is Bibis joke, when you consider the trailer (not blizzard work), the masks that somewhat looks familiar, and the name of the expansion.
    but hey, i didnt even consider it was a joke before i saw comments, woo!

    i guess Blizzard havent released their joke yet.
  1. WillFeral's Avatar
    Terrible april fools,at this point we expect more creativity. =P
  1. Deyadissa's Avatar
    I would have fell for it, but the masks are horribly done and gave it away almost instantly, they don't look like a mask.
  1. Moondance's Avatar
    Very fake.
  1. Yunru's Avatar
    This is old--it was already as a joke as i remember.
  1. Williamgood's Avatar
    badly reskinned worgen masks make me cry
  1. Erathus's Avatar
    They were even bored to make a decent jokes this year...
  1. Devilyaki's Avatar
    Maybe the April fools joke is everyone thinking it's a joke :0
  1. Arrowstormen's Avatar
    i dont know whats most awesome, the joke, or the people that think its Blizzards joke.
  1. ShadCroly's Avatar
    I like the masks. =3
  1. Sneakerplay's Avatar
    mongobokko thread
  1. Kades's Avatar
    Yea, I gotta admit, this was pretty bad for MMO-champs.
  1. Oraj's Avatar
    Nice try...come on.. why rub it in the pandafan's faces?

    ''Moar Dots '' was more than chuckle worthy though
  1. Equilibrioception's Avatar
    I just woke up, forgot it's 1st of April, and fell for it! D:<


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